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We strive to create a safe space for everybody sans judgement of any kind. #MentalHealthForAll


Hibiscus Foundation for Social Welfare (HFSW) is a not-for-profit organisation working for mental health advocacy. We are a stakeholder currently spreading awareness on Mental Health situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

We work to foster awareness on mental health and its facets (systems, policies and services). Furthermore, we conduct research and development work related to mental health, as well as generating public awareness in connection with all sections of health across institutions and organisations. We are also opening up collaborations and partnerships with institutions and organisations, government, public or private establishments who are active in health and crisis management awareness and care.

Some of our active subsidiary programs are substance abuse awareness (in collaboration with rehabilitation clinics), rights of Persons with Disabilities, prevention of non-communicable diseases, promotion of reduced inequalities, as well as protecting the rights of women, children and minorities. Our aim is to ensure that there is #MentalHealthforAll.

We have several ongoing projects including providing pro-bono therapy to those who require it which is much needed to alleviate the terrible effects of COVID-19 in this part of the world.

Goals - #MentalHealthforAll

As we bloom through our efforts and spaces, Hibiscus Foundation has universalisation and hope tucked in our bags!

From aiding and promoting sustainable mental health services across regional, national and international spaces, we have strongly established long term visions.

  • Student and youth mobilisation to spread greater awareness on good practices and mental health.

  • Promoting gender equality and education, including special education, and employment enhancing vocational skills among children, women, elderly, and the Persons with Disabilities abled through livelihood enhancement projects.

  • Establishing provisions - providing mental health services and other related services.

  • Promoting comprehensive universal health coverage.
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    Less than half of the 139 countries that have mental health policies and plans report having these aligned with human rights conventions. (Source : The World Health Organisation)

  • 02

    Approximately 10.9 % of the population around the globe suffers from some form of mental illness (Source : Our World in Data, Mental Health)

  • 03

    20% of children and adolescents around the globe suffer from some type of mental disorder (Source : The World Bank, section on Mental Health)

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    Common mental disorders (CMDs) including depression, anxiety disorders and substance use disorders are a huge burden affecting nearly 10.0% of the population in India (Source : National Mental Health Survey 2015-16, conducted by NIMHANS )


“The challenge is not to be perfect but rather, to be whole.” - Jane Fonda


Hibiscus Foundation came into existence at the beginning of 2020.  It was the brainchild of Ms. Aksheyaa Akilan, a global mental health advocate and a human rights major, who realised the need for making information about mental health widely accessible to everyone while actively combating the stigma that surrounds the conversation around mental health. The concept behind Hibiscus was not only to create awareness around mental health but also to help people access tools to improve their mental health easily. Today, Hibiscus Foundation for Social Welfare is a not-for-profit organisation recognised and registered with the Government of India. We strive to provide a platform for people across age groups, genders, ethnicities, religions, and geographic locations for the discussion and dissemination of information related to mental health. An individual perusing our website can enhance their knowledge on mental health and if needed, they can use the information provided to find solutions. Our content is largely based on the stigma prevalent in our  current society around mental health and tries to  alleviate this social issue. We strive to provide information as such in an inclusive way. Our posts are translated into various languages, and are child friendly while covering topics of relevance. They touch upon the mental health aspects of human rights violations and lists coping strategies.