Intra HFSW Women's Table


The Women’s Table, held on the 6th of April aimed at  providing a safe space to initiate, engage and analyze intersectional conversations. The scope of discussion was broad and encompassed important themes, ranging  from gender-based violence to feminist action for climate justice. This event was open to people who identified as women only, and the attendees showcased diversity in terms of age, neurodivergence, disabilities, experience and identities.
The Women’s Table highlighted crucial points, with some conversations taking a healthier turn due to the supportive environment. Most importantly, it bore importance towards the existence of a safe, non-judgemental space to discuss the ordeals of living in and under patriarchy.
With the intention of providing a comfortable, safe and validating space for all involved, the event was not recorded.

Events detail

  • Month : Apr 2021
  • Time :
  • Location : Google Meet
Registrations Closed