About Us

A small charity has a big impact

Hibiscus Foundation for Social Welfare is a youth run and youth led foundation established in 2020; a not-for-profit organisation registered under the Government of India. Our primary focus has been to work on mental health advocacy and awareness. We strive to remove the stigma that has shrouded the conversation around mental health and break the stereotypes around it. We provide Pro-bono counselling & ensure accurate dissemination of information that pushes the agenda of mental health advocacy.

We believe that mental health therapy should not be a luxury, rather a necessity, enshrined in our Motto - #MentalHealth4All. While we primarily focus on Mental Health Advocacy, our aim is not limited to mental health alone. We also work towards the empowerment and promotion of social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, and race, as well as for the social upliftment of marginalised communities. Furthermore, we promote climate action and sustainability.

“We are constantly evolving & growing!” As of September 2021, Hibiscus Foundation for Social Welfare has

  • 20,000 +

    Weekly Impressions on Social Media

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    People Impacted Directly through Workshops and Seminars

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“This is the team behind the scene!”

Aksheyaa Akilan


Aksheyaa Akilan is a mental health advocate, a special educator for children with learning disabilities and a human rights major.

Anandhi Akilan


Economist and financial advisor

Akifa Maryam

HR Manager

is an aspiring human resource officer and a passionate mental health professional.

Rahul Anand R

Tech Officer

A computer science student passionate about computers, science, and music

Ishwarya Sunkara

Counseling Advisor

A psychology major, a full time teacher and a strong believer in taking life one moment at a time.


Media Advisor

Nikhil Thilak

Event Advisor


Design Adivor

Shruti Mishra

Media Coordinator

Shruti Mishra is a Media Management Student who is a wildlife photography enthusiast . She is also a promoter of humanism and non violence.

Naveen Sridharan


Master of Counselling student and mental health and education advocate

Shraddha Raghavan

Content Editor

Shraddha Raghavan is a content editor who majors in Mass Communication.

Manojj Dhinakaran

Projects Officer

Manojj Dhinakaran is a published author and researcher. He is currently pursuing masters in literature, psychology and yoga.

Abhirami Rao

Content Writer

Lauxley G.R. Pandian

Video Editor

Lauxley G R Pandiyan is a undergrad law student, currently using his skill and passion as a video editor to push forth narratives helping and championing mental health causes.

Vedanshi Kela

Video Jockey

A budding psychologist who loves spreading awareness about mental health.

Shree Rakshitha S

Technology Intern

I am a tech enthusiast who loves cyber security and to learn new technology information everyday.